Margy's Cooking Lessons

The Best Gluten Free expert is now available to teach you all GF cuisine secrets!

Learn how to bake delicious gluten free bread, cake an pasta with our Baking Lessons.

Beginners Program:  

- Bread base: 

In this Bread making class, Margy will guide you on how to use Margy's Mix Flour to make the Best Gluten Free recipes that you can recreate at home. 

- Focaccia base

During this lesson you will be able to make the famous Italian Focaccia Bread.

Final Test: send at Margy your bread and cake pictures for final evaluation.

Total Price 300 AED

Join Margy's Cooking Lessons and become the designated baker of your household!

The Beginners program is mandatory to attend other courses.

Language: Italian


Live cooking class - on line

Book now your unforgettable on line  cooking class with the GF Expert "MARGY"

1 lesson 200 AED

3 lessons 300 AED

Send us your email to receive the calendar of on line cooking classes.

Language: Italian/English


Special lunch Box

- Cereals bars 

This is a very detailed lesson on how to make delicious GF cereals bars.

Language: Italian

Price: 80 AED

Special Baci di Dama "Italian Lady Kisses cookies"

Learn to prepare the famous Italian pastries and surprise your friends!

Language: ItalianMargy's Chef

Price: 90 AED